The Bhawanipur Education Society College has been established as a SWAYAM – NPTEL Local Chapter, since December 2021.

Local Chapter ID (LC ID):- 4661
Name of Single Point of Contact (SPOC)  of  SWAYAM – NPTEL Local Chapter:- Dr. Pinki Saha Sardar
E-mail address of SPOC: spoc.besc@thebges.edu.in

List of recommended courses for each Section/Department

Course Name Departments applicable Dates Link
Partial Differential Equations Mathematics Last Date of Joining: 31 Oct 2022 https://onlinecourses.swayam2.ac.in/
Critical Thinking Mathematics Self-paced https://onlinecourses.swayam2.ac.in/
Arduino Electronics Self Paced https://onlinecourses.swayam2.ac.in/
Electromagnetic Fields in 3-D Electronics Self Paced https://onlinecourses.swayam2.ac.in/
Scilab Electronics Self Paced https://onlinecourses.swayam2.ac.in/
Academic and Research Report Writing Chemistry https://onlinecourses.swayam2.ac.in/
Digital Marketing Chemistry 15 Sep 2022 https://onlinecourses.swayam2.ac.in/
Animation Chemistry 15 Sep 2022 https://onlinecourses.swayam2.ac.in/
Financial Accounting Commerce 15 Sep 2022 https://onlinecourses.swayam2.ac.in/
Python 3.4.3 Physics Self Paced https://onlinecourses.swayam2.ac.in/
Programming in Python Physics 15 Sep 2022 Programming in Python – Course (swayam2.ac.in)
Business Law Commerce / Interdisciplinary https://onlinecourses.swayam2.ac.in/
Business Communication Commerce / Interdisciplinary https://onlinecourses.swayam2.ac.in/
Financial Accounting Commerce / Interdisciplinary https://onlinecourses.swayam2.ac.in/
Income Tax Law and Practice Commerce https://onlinecourses.swayam2.ac.in/
Classical Sociological Theory Sociology Ongoing https://onlinecourses.nptel.ac.in/
Globalization And Culture All Arts Students Ongoing https://onlinecourses.nptel.ac.in/
History of English Language and Literature English Ongoing https://onlinecourses.nptel.ac.in/
Introduction to Literary Theory English Ongoing https://onlinecourses.nptel.ac.in/
Poetry English Ongoing https://onlinecourses.nptel.ac.in/
Introduction to Western Political Thought Political Science Ongoing https://onlinecourses.nptel.ac.in/
Spoken Sanskrit: Basic and Intermediate Levels All Arts Students Ongoing https://onlinecourses.nptel.ac.in/
Text, Textuality and Digital Media All Arts Students; expecially JMC Ongoing https://onlinecourses.nptel.ac.in/
Text, Textuality and Digital Media History Ongoing https://onlinecourses.nptel.ac.in/

Method to get registered on Swayam: HERE

Mentors’ and Team Members’ details and contacts for students to get in touch with, with respect to queries about enrolling in
SWAYAM – NPTEL courses:

Discipline Specific Coordinators

Sl. No. Section Name of the Faculty Members
1. Science Mr. Sugata Adhya, Dr. Suchandra Chakraborty
2. Arts Dr. Debanjana Chakravarty, Ms. Saswati Das
3. Commerce (Morning) Dr. Dipparna Jana, Mr. Vivek Patwari
4. Commerce (Afternoon and Evening) Ms. Atreyee Ganguly, Dr. Dyuti Sinha
5. Management Section Mr. Jayjit Chakraborty, Ms. Debarati Guha

The SWAYAM Committee collectively functions as the primary engine for the SWAYAM initiatives in the college, and the details of
the committee can be found here.

Other Important links for e-Resources
1.SWAYAM portal (www.swayam.gov.in)
2.SWAYAM Gallery (http://ugcmoocs.inflibnet.ac.in/ugcmoocs/video_gallery.php)
3. ICT initiatives of MHRD

Students who get themselves registered in any course are requested to fill this Google Form


Testimonials from students who have completed courses on SWAYAM-NPTEL
as a part of the Local Chapter

K.Sohan Rao, Semester 3, Department of Political Science
Course Completed: Psychology for Mental Health and Well being

“I enrolled in the Swayam course when I was in semester. This course not only challenged
me but also helped me improve my knowledge in this specific field which will help me in my
future and my Elective papers.

And with the completion of the course in “Psychology for Mental Health and Well Being” I
feel much informed about day to day stress activities and how to cope-up with them.

Special thanks to my professors and college as they have helped me in queries related
to the course thoroughly. The college leaves no stone unturned for bringing a multi-disciplinary
approach and providing students with all round development in various subjects.”


Suprovat Manna, Semester 5, B.Com
Course Completed: Sales and Distribution Management

“Swayam has provided me with an opportunity to grow and explore my skills. I have always
found a positive and healthy environment and the teachers are highly supportive. Most of my
doubts were cleared after the classes get over.

I am highly thankful to Swayam for providing me with an opportunity to be a part of it. It has
added a number of values to my life.”

Admission 2024-25 is live