B.Sc (Hons)

Computer Science

With world-class teaching based on expert real-world knowledge and a balance of theoretical and practical specialisations, the three-year degree course in Computer Science is designed to provide you with a firm foundation in the subject. At BESC, we aim to teach you computer science in an enjoyable way that equips you for employment across various professional sectors.

Course Structure

Choice Based Credit System

Course CodeName of CourseSemesterMarks
CC-1Digital Logic + Digital Circuits1100
CC-2Programming Fundamentals using C1100
GE-1Computer Fundamentals and Digital Logic Design (Applicable for students opting for Computer Science as Generic Elective)1100
AECC-1Communicative English / Bengali / Hindi1100
CC-3Computer Organization and Architecture2100
CC-4/Basic Electronic Devices and Circuits2100
GE-2Algorithm and Data Structure (Applicable for students opting for Computer Science as Generic Elective)2100
CC-5Data Structure3100
CC-6Computational Mathematics3100
CC-7Microprocessor and its Applications3100
SEC-A-1 or SEC-A-2Computer Graphics or Sensor Network and IoT3100
GE-3Computer Organization (Applicable for students opting for Computer Science as Generic Elective)3100
CC-8Data Communication + Networking and Internet Technology + Computer Networking and Web Design4100
CC-9Introduction to Algorithms and its Applications4100
CC-10Operating Systems4100
SEC-B-1 or SEC-B-2Information Security or E-Commerce4100
GE-4Operating System (Applicable for students opting for Computer Science as Generic Elective)4100
CC-11Data Base Management System (DBMS) + RDBMS Lab using My SQL and PHP5100
CC-12Object Oriented Programming System OOPs + OOPs Lab using Java5100
DSE-A-1 or DSE-A-2Digital Image Processing or Data Mining and its Applications5100
DSE-B-1 or DSE-B-2Operation Research (O.R.) + Lab. using C/ Python or Programming using Python5100
CC-13Software Engineering6100
CC-14Theory of Computation + PROJECT6100
DSE-A-3 or DSE-A-4Embedded Systems or Multimedia and its Applications6100
DSE-B-2 or DSE-B4Introduction to computational Intelligence or Advanced Java6100


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Course Eligibility

A candidate taking up Honours Course in a subject must have obtained at the previous qualifying examination a minimum of:

55% marks in Computer Science + PASS marks in Mathematics


45% marks in Computer Science + 50% marks in BO4 + PASS marks in Mathematics


  • If the candidate has not studied Computer Science in class XII, he / she needs to achieve the above-mentioned marks in Physics / Statistics to apply for Computer Science (H).
  • Candidate passed in Business Mathematics is not eligible for Admission.
  • Please also read General Eligibility Criteria, Under Admissions.
Course Duration

3 Years

Course Hours

10:15 am to 4:30 pm (Day Session, Co-Ed)

Course Fees

₹ 33,750 (First Semester)