B.Sc (Hons)

Computer Science

The BSc Computer Science degree programme delivers world-class teaching based on expert real-world knowledge, and is designed to provide you with the essential material required by a computer science graduate. The course offers a balance of theoretical and practical specialisms, our curriculum secures a firm foundation in Computer Science. We aim to teach you computer science in such a way that you can enjoy it, and gain employment using it in a variety of industries.

Course Structure

Applicable for students enrolled on/after 2018-19.

Choice Based Credit System

Course CodeName of CourseSemesterMarks
CC-1Digital Logic + Digital Circuits1100
CC-2Programming Fundamentals using C1100
CC-3Computer Organization and Architecture2100
CC-4Basic Electronic Devices and Circuits2100
CC-5Data Structure3100
CC-6Computational Mathematics3100
CC-7Microprocessor and its Applications3100
SEC-A-1 or SEC-A-2Computer Graphics or Sensor Network and IoT3100
CC-8Data Communication + Networking and Internet Technology + Computer Networking and Web Design4100
CC-9Introduction to Algorithms & its Applications4100
CC-10Operating Systems4100
SEC-B-1 or SEC-B-2Information Security or E-Commerce4100
CC-11Data Base Management System (DBMS) + RDBMS Lab using My SQL & PHP5100
CC-12Object Oriented Programming System OOPs + OOPs Lab using Java5100
DSE-A-1 or DSE-A-2Digital Image Processing or Data Mining & its Applications5100
DSE-B-1 or DSE-B-2Operation Research (O.R.) + Lab. using C/ Python or Programming using Python5100
CC-13Software Engineering6100
CC-14Theory of Computation + PROJECT6100
DSE-A-3 or DSE-A-4Embedded Systems or Multimedia and its Applications6100
DSE-B-2 or DSE-B4Introduction to computational Intelligence or Advanced Java6100

Applicable for students enrolled on/before 2017-18.

First Year

Paper I
Theoretical 100 Marks

Computer Fundamentals
Introduction to Basic Electronics
Digital System Design
Computer Organization-I

Paper II
Theoretical 50 Marks & Practical 50 Marks

Section I: System Software Fundamentals and Operating Systems
Section II: Data Structure-I Hardware

Second Year

Paper III
Theoretical 100 Marks

Discrete Mathematical Structures
Numerical Methods and Algorithms
Formal Languages and Automata Theory

Paper IV
Theoretical 50 Marks & Practical 50 Marks

Section I: Data Structure-II
Section II: Programming through C Language
Software: C Language

Third Year

Paper V
Theoretical 100 Marks

Computer Organization II
Computer Networks

Paper VI
Theoretical 100 Marks

Object-Oriented Programming
Software Engineering
Computer Graphics
Database Management System

Paper VII
Practical 100 Marks

Hardware: Microprocessor Programming & I/O Interfacing
Software: RDBMS

Paper VIII
Practical 100 Marks

Object-Oriented Programming
UNIX Shell Programming

Course Eligibility

A candidate taking up Honours Course in a subject must have obtained at the previous qualifying examination a minimum of:

50% marks in the aggregate and 45% marks in the Honours or related subject
Or, 55% marks in the Honours or related subject
&, Must have 45% marks in Mathematics and Physics / Computer Science

Please Note: Candidate passed in Business Mathematics is not eligible for Admission.

Course Duration

3 Years

Course Hours

10:15 am to 4:30 pm (Day Session, Co-Ed)

Course Fees 2018-19

Rs.58,650 (First Year)
Rs.53,350 (Second Year)
Rs.54,550 (Third Year)

Admission 2019-20 APPLY NOW!