B.A (Hons)


Sociology is a branch of study which investigates into multiple aspects of society and social behavior. A Bachelor degree in Sociology teaches the fundamental concepts related to structure of society, organisation of society, and how humans interact within these constructs. The basic subject matter of Sociology concerns itself with topics related to family structure, global warfare, religious cults, social class, race and gender etc.

The scope and subject range of a sociology course is one of the rarest among undergraduate courses. With its huge emphasis on society and social structure, this course fits in perfectly with the needs of modern society

Course Structure

Applicable for students enrolled on/after 2018-19.

Choice Based Credit System

Course CodeName of CourseTypeSemesterMarks
CC-1Introductory Sociology ISOC-A-CC-1-1-TH&TU1100
CC-2Sociology of India-ISOC-A-CC -1-2-TH&TU1100
GE-1Introduction To Sociology1100
AECC1Compulsory English / MIL (Bengali / Hindi)1100
CC-3Introductory Sociology-IISOC-A-CC -2-3-TH&TU2100
CC-4Sociology of India IISOC-A-CC-2-4-TH&TU2100
GE-2Sociology of India2100
CC-5Political SociologySOC-A-CC-3-5-TH&TU3100
CC-6Sociology of ReligionSOC-A-CC-3-6-TH&TU3100
CC-7Sociology of Gender and SexualitySOC-A-CC-3-7-TH&TU3100
GE-3Sociological Theories3100
SEC -A-1 or SEC -A-2Reading + Writing and Interpretation in Sociology or Gender SensitisationSOC-A-SEC- 3-A(1)-TH or SOC-A-SEC- 3-A(2)-TH3100
CC-8Economic SociologySOC-A-CC-4-8-TH&T4100
CC-9Population StudiesSOC-A-CC-4-9-TH&TU4100
CC-10Social StratificationSOC-A-CC -4-10-TH&TU4100
GE-4Methods of Sociological Enquiry4100
SEC-B-1 or SEC-B-2Statistical Reasoning for Sociology or Theory and Practice of DevelopmentSOC-A-SEC- 4-B (1)-TH or SOC-A-SEC- 4- B(2)-TH4100
CC-11Sociological Thinkers ISOC-A-CC-5-11-TH&TU5100
CC-12Research Methods – ISOC-A-CC-5-12-TH&TU5100
DSE-A-1 or DSE-A-2Urban Sociology or Sociology of Work and IndustrySOC-A-DSE- 5 -A(1)-TH&TU or SOC-A-DSE- 5 -A(2)-TH&TU5100
DSE-B-1 or DSE-B-2India Sociological Traditions or Sociology of Visual Culture and MediaSOC-A-DSE-5 -B(1)-TH&TU or SOC-A-DSE-5 -B(2)-TH&TU5100
CC-13 Sociological Thinkers-IISOC-A-CC-6-13-TH&TU6100
CC-14Research Methods – IISOC-A-CC-6-14-TH&TU6100
DSE-A-3 or DSE-A-4Environmental Sociology or Agrarian SociologySOC-A-DSE- 6 -A(3)-TH&TU or SOC-A-DSE- 6 -A(4)-TH&TU6100
DSE-B-3 or DSE-B-4Sociology of Health and Medicine or Project: Fieldwork And DissertationSOC-A-DSE-6 -B(3)-TH&TU or SOC-A-DSE-6 -B(4)-TH&TU6100

Applicable for students enrolled on/before 2017-18.

First Year

Part-I (Total Marks – 200)

Paper I : Introductory Sociology 100 Marks
Paper II : Western Sociological Thought 100 Marks

Second Year

Part-II (Total Marks—200)

Paper III : Sociological Theory 100 Marks
Paper IV : Research Methods and Social Statistics 100 Marks

Third Year

Part-III (Total Marks—400)

Paper V : Social & Sociological Thought in India 100 Marks
Paper VI : Social Institutions 100 Marks
Paper VII : Indian Social Structure and Process 100 Marks
Paper VIII : Contemporary Indian Social Problems and Field Work- based Dissertation (50 + 50)= 100 Marks

Course Eligibility

A candidate taking up Honours Course in a subject must have obtained a minimum of 50% marks in the aggregate and 45% marks in the Honours or related subject at the previous qualifying examination.

Or, 55% marks in the Honours or related subject at the previous qualifying examination.

Or, 50% marks in the aggregate when the candidate has not studied the subject in his/her previous qualifying examination provided all other clauses are satisfied.

PLEASE NOTE: For B.A. Sociology (H), students with Commerce stream are not eligible.

Course Duration

3 Years

Course Hours

10:15 am to 4:30 pm (Day Session, Co-Ed)

Course Fees 2018-19

Rs.42,450 (First Year)
Rs.37,600 (Second Year)
Rs.37,500 (Third Year)

Admission 2019-20 APPLY NOW!