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Get the best training to become a future business leader with our popular Bachelor of Business Administration course that covers a wide range of topics from Business Economics, Mathematics, Accounting and Statistics to principles of Management and Organisational Behaviour, Human Resource Management, Production and Materials Management, Sales, Marketing and Financial Management and more. The BBA program at BESC equips you to become a leader capable of providing innovative solutions to large conglomerates as well as establishing your own entrepreneurial ventures.

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Career Options after BBA

The BBA Bachelor of Business Administration is the most pursued course in the country after students complete their 12th. There are numerous career options after BBA. The BBA course is always kept updated as per the new Industry requirements.

Why Should You Pursue a BBA Degree?

The BBA course expands to various employment opportunities laid in the future. It enhances the students’ abilities in Administration, Banking, Finance, Marketing, or Sales. This article will tell you more about the courses you can take and the jobs you can get after you get a BBA. You can do many courses after completing your BBA in the business administration sector or tech. Some of you may want to work in a field other than business administration, like data science.

Scope Of BBA Degree

The students pursuing BBA learn the very basic and advanced rules of management. The course does not rely only on theory; students get a lot to learn through practical Knowledge through the internship programs and exposure to the industry. Apart from all the business knowledge, BBA helps students to build good communication and enhances their confidence.

Top Courses after BBA

Now that we are thorough with BBA’s basics, let’s learn about the best courses after BBA.

1. Entrepreneurship Development Program
Since there are many career options to consider after completing BBA, one being The Entrepreneur Development Programme which is meant to develop entrepreneurial skills among students. It involves providing the students with the required skills. The knowledge needed for starting and running a business. It is one option to consider after completing your BBA.BBA.
The Entrepreneurial Development Program is primarily meant to develop first-generation entrepreneurs who need guidance to kick-start their careers as entrepreneurs.
The Program broadly covers a three-tiered approach, building achievement motivation and sharpening entrepreneurial traits and skills. For students who want to enter into their existing family business or willing to start their own business, this Program can help in stepping up the socio-economic development. It takes care of all the roadblocks; hence, the Entrepreneur Development Program becomes an important course to develop new entrepreneurs.

2. Masters Of Business Administration (MBA)
An MBA or Masters of Business Administration is one of the best courses to enroll in after completing a BBA. There are various BBA career options, and MBA is a good option if you are interested in higher studies after completing BBA. If you want to manage your family business or start something of your own, getting an MBA degree is an excellent choice, you can complete the degree in two years. The MBA course allows you to upskill your leadership roles in various sectors, including Banking, Finances, Sales, and many more. In this course, you learn about leading a team, engagement of people, project management, strategic planning and much more.

Post Graduate Diploma in Management (PGDM) is a two-year program and another course after BBA. The Program is designed to give essential capacities to hold authoritative posts in different sectors. Apart from the enterprise and Administrative skills, the course enhances their basic niches, which allows them to nail their profession in Administration.
Independent Establishments can likewise offer PGDM. (not associated with any college).
PGDM stands are laid out for the students coming from a basic understanding of Administration or for experts who want to nail their administration practices. It is a highly recommended course for students who are business driven and is the best course after BBA.

4. Chartered Accountant
A different option is to prepare for the CA course after completing BBA. It has six foundation courses; subjects like Fundamental of Accountings, Quantitative Aptitude, Mercantile Law, and others are included in the syllabus. Business Communications is included in the syllabus. It is one of the toughest competitive courses to do after BBA. Apart from the courses, one needs to finish an article in 3 years, after which one can become an auditor, GST officer, or Legal Advisor.

5. Company Secretary
Company Secretary is another best course after BBA. It is one of the important posts in any company. A CS handles all the legal decisions of a business administration or an individual. Keeping the tax records, advising on the financial part of the company, and making sure the company follows the legal decision and Statutory regulations. The students who wish to continue with CS after graduation should have cleared the Executive Programme and Professional Programme.

6. Bachelor of Law (LLB)
LLB is a three-year course and can appear after completing graduation in any particular subject. Hence LLB is the best career option after BBA. One must pass the entrance exam before entering a law school. It is the finest career option for one interested in the legal sector after completing their BBA.

7. PG Diploma in Banking
A PG Diploma in Banking can prepare students for a wide range of banking careers. After the BBA course, you can use your newfound knowledge and expertise to manage and invest in a company’s finances. A PG Diploma in Banking and Finance helps you to enter the financial industry with valuable experience and training. The course is eligible for students who have graduated in any field; hence, after completing BBA, if you are thinking about which course to do after BBA, without a doubt, enrol for Diploma in Banking if you are more interested in finances and want to build a career.

8. Masters in Finance Management
Suppose you are struggling after BBA; which course is best? Without a doubt, opt for a Master’s in Finance Management. It is designed in such a way that it provides students with modern as well as historical Knowledge of financial and accounting management. It also helps the ones with no prior financial knowledge and skill in financial management to understand Finance and management.
It is a two years program best suited for candidates interested in finance project planning, economic analysis, and corporate audit planning.
Apart from the interest in the subjects, students should also have good analytical skills and the latest Knowledge of computer applicants. The course can be pursued after graduation in any field. Hence if you have completed your BBA course, Masters in Financial Management is good course for you.

9. Masters in Hotel Management
Suppose you want to enter the hotel industry after completing your BBA. You can opt for PG Diploma or Master in Hotel Management Programme for higher studies after BBA. An MBA in Hospitality and Tourism is one wise choice to go for. The Hotel Management courses are available as short-term and long-term courses.UG and PG in the board courses cordially with the board, cooking Administration, and the travel industry as specializations.

10. PG in Data Science
This particular course doesn’t require prior knowledge of the subject. However, it is advisable to have some tech knowledge, but not mandatory. You need a graduation degree in any subject, so if you have a BBA degree, you can pursue a certification course. It is one of the best courses after BBA. Data analysts create models, study data and find critical answers through the data received.

11. Masters in Marketing Management
Marketing in today’s time is the best field to enter, and it comes with various job options after BBA.
Marketing is a technique for communicating with the consumers of a good or service. A notice’s main purpose is to convey messages persuading people to buy goods or services from businesses or raise awareness of social issues. If you are interested in a marketing career, it will undoubtedly present you with rewarding commercial opportunities.

12. Masters in Advertising
You can pursue some advertising courses to cover your advanced education. Since advertising is rising now, you can either have practical Knowledge in the field or enroll for a course as there are tremendous job opportunities for this course. After BBA, you can enroll for Masters in Advertising Design and Communication, MA in Advertising and Public Relations etc. The basic knowledge of Business Administration is like an add-on in this field. While there is a job scope after a BBA in this field, learning more about the course is always better, as it will help you grow in your career.

13. Certification In foreign languages
Not a very thorough but lesser-known field for students who have completed BBA is to work in foreign embassies. Most foreign embassies require you to have a management degree, and you can learn the foreign languages of any particular country, and you are good to go. It is the best way to get a job in Embassies and the best career opportunity after BBA.

14. Digital Marketing
The most popular career today is Digital Marketing; you can pick the course after competing for your BBA. As the online industry is growing, there is a wide scope for Digital Marketers. Once you learn about Digital Marketing, you can also help the online business grow. As a graduate of BBA, you are eligible to pursue the Digital Marketing course. This field certainly has a lot of job opportunities after BBA.

Career Options after BBA

Let us learn about the best Career options after BBA. 

The BBA degree alone may not land you the best job opportunities. It is always advised to follow up with either of the courses mentioned above to understand the particular field better and gain a handsome salary. However, there are tremendous Jobs and best career options after BBA apart from the MBA, PGDM, Marketing and Sales. 

Let’s read about the job opportunities after BBA. 

A Career in Finance  

As a BBA graduate, you can get a job in the banking sector. You could also appear for some entrance exams and land a job on an entry-level course related to financial services and investments.

You can apply for a job in the following. 

  1. Bank Branch Manager

Bank Branch Managers supervise all facets of a particular branch of a Bank. The responsibilities include hiring and managing all the employees of the branch. They ensure the bank’s profitability by increasing the number of accounts in the branch, approving various loans, and maintaining excellent customer retention by providing good customer service.

  1. Commercial Lender

A commercial Lender lends money to a business to pay for the business expenses, real estate or other equipment purchased by them to expand their business. A commercial lender or officer helps organizations and companies obtain and maintain revenues for expanding their business.

  1. Financial Analyst 

 A Financial Analyst helps companies make business decisions on various factors such as market trends, financial performance and also predicts outcomes based on made transactions. A Financial Analyst’s role is gathering data, organizing info, analyzing results, recommending, and creating Excel Models, presentations and various reports.

  1. Financial Planner

A financial Planner helps you to chart your financial life. The Financial Planner helps you budget, save, and reduce the tax burden, helping you leave some legacy for your future children.

  1. Financial Manager

Finacial Managers help Businesses establish tax reports, analyze financial data, and alleviate monetary tasks. Financial managers are responsible for maintaining a company’s Financial Health.

  1. Portfolio Manager

A Portfolio Manager is a person or group of people who invest in a mutual or exchange trade. The Portfolio Manager comes with an investment strategy and manages daily trading. A Portfolio manager is a very important factor to consider when investing funds. However, a Portfolio Manager can be active or passive.

  1. Security Analyst

Security Analysts are responsible for protecting a company’s digital assets and protect from unauthorised access. Security Analysts are also responsible for generating IT reports and increasing security policies in some areas.

  1. Trust Manager

The Trust Manager manages large-group subordinate managers and professionals. The Trust Manager Provides input to strategic decisions that affect the core area’s responsibility.

A Career in Marketing  

Marketing is one of the best career options for you after BBA. You don’t require a special degree or certification course to build a career in marketing. At the entry level, you can get jobs like the following in a marketing company. 

  1. Marketing Executive 

The marketing Executive supervises and executes different marketing strategies for a company. With excellent marketing skills, they promote products and services by applying product-specific marketing campaigns and strategies.

  1. Sales Executive

The Role of a Sales Executive is to set annual sales goals for the company or organization and work towards achieving them with the help of a Sales associate and sales manager. The job includes planning a strategy, finding new prospects and sales leads and converting the same into paid clients or users.

  1. Advertising Executive

The advertising Executive is a senior role at an Advertising agency. The Role includes managing a staff of account managers, designers, copywriters and sales managers. The Advertising executive is responsible for ensuring ad campaigns’ prompt and successful delivery.

  1. Market Research Analyst

Market Research Analyst supervises trending keywords, survey responses, and social media tags and understands the depth of the digital market to reach their potential customers. Market Research Analyst is also known as Market Researches. They help companies develop or maintain competition through thorough research and delivering data-packed insights into the market. 

Career in Human Resources  

After completing your BBA, you can land a role in HR. Your work profiles work around As HR. You learn to recruit people in the company for various roles; deciding the payroll comes under your hand. 

You can get jobs for

  1. HR Assistant 

HR Assistant’s job assists the HR Manager with daily duties such as recruitment, benefits, administration and payroll. The HR Assistant also ensures that a company HR Manager’s work is done smoothly.

  1. HR Coordinator

The HR Coordinator is also referred to as an HR Specialist, HR Assistant, or HR generalist. The HR Coordinator has to oversee or coordinate various HR programs and activities within the organization.

  1. HR Specialist

The Job of an HR Specialist is to recruit, support, and train employees of a company. However, one must have experience as an HR Officer or HR Analyst to become an HR Specialist.

  1. HR Recruiter

The HR Recruiter has a lot of responsibilities, which not only include recruiting candidates but also checking their backgrounds. The HR Recruiter can solemnly decide if a particular candidate is eligible for a particular job position in the organization. 

Career in Operations  

After completing BBA, you can get a job in Operations. You are the one who works around the supply chain and the logistics of the goods and services while you manage a particular project. 

As A BBA graduate, you can get an entry-level job like 

  1. Logistic Executive

The Logistics Executive’s responsibilities include planning, organizing, and managing the process of supplying logistics in the organization or company. The Logistic Executive coordinates with the internal and external teams, ensuring accurate shipping and delivery of new and existing products.

  1. Operations Executive 

Operation Executive supervises a business’s daily operations. The Operation Executive creates plans for simplifying the process and systems helping Primary Business operations. A business that makes its daily operations efficient has a better chance of achieving success in the long term.

  1. Procurement Executive

Procurement executives make payments for businesses, ensuring profits from the products and services needed to carry out important tasks. The Key responsibility includes staying up to date with the latest market trends and collaborating with suppliers.

  1. Project Management Executive

The Project Management Executive is responsible for workplace management. The role is to manage short and long-term projects directly. Project Management Executives are responsible for developing strategic program goals, supervising the programs, and checking the performance.

  1. Supply Chain Executive

 Supply Chain Executives are responsible for how companies drive the smooth flow of goods from manufacturing to delivery. They are responsible for coordinating with production, warehouse, distribution and transportation. Organizing and supervising inventory by keeping a detailed database of available inventory. The responsibility also includes training other Supply Chain Teams. The main aim is to improve all aspects of the Supply Chain Department.

Government Jobs after BBA

After completing your BBA, you can apply for various government sector jobs. Although they don’t require you to finish BBA, it is eligible for any graduate from any stream. You can apply for Competitive exams like UPSC or MPSC. The exams that can land you a job in the government sector are as follows. 

  1. Civil Service Exam

After appearing for the Civil Service Exam a candidate can get jobs in the Indian Administration Sector as an IAS(Indian Administrative Service). IFS, (Indian Foreign Service), IPS(Indian Police Service) and many other under the Indian Administrative Sector. 

  1. RRB NTPC 

An RRB NTPC is responsible for managing various sections of the Indian Railways. For example, the RRB NETPC goods guard manages a running goods train. Keeping a written record of the number of wagons, the tare weight, load tonnage and individual tonnage. Ensuring the doors of wagons are closed. Monitoring all the information in case of any suspension activities.

  1. SEBI Grade A 

The SEBI Grade A is responsible for handling various departments under the Security Exchange Board of India. They are responsible for various roles like Approbing of by laws for Stock Markets, Inspecting the Stock Exchange accounts, Looking for any malpractices carried out in the financial department and more. 

  1. RBI Grade B 

It is the most interesting job profile after being selected as an RBI Grade B Officer, with probation of a minimum of two years and 15 weeks of training held at Reserve Bank Staff College. The job profile of RBI Grade B officers varies as per their location. The departments included are Financial Markets, Banking Supervision, Banking Regulation, Currency Issuing, Public Debt Office, and Foreign Exchange,

  1. LIC AAO 

The LIC AAO is an administrative job. It comes with various roles and responsibilities. LIC AAO works under the LIC department, which is, Finance and Accounts, Inspection, IT, Sales and Marketing, and Policy Servicing.

Career Switch options

While some of you are looking for a career option apart from business administration in either the tech field or having to start your own business, you can enrol for  KnowledgeHut Business Intelligence and Visualisation certification. It will help you land a job role in the following categories. 

A career in Data Science  

Data Science is a study interrelated and disciplinary field that employs maths, science algorithms, advanced analytics, and Artificial Intelligence(AI). It is machine learning to derive useful information and insight into the data, which comes with a huge pattern. 

Today understanding the power of Data Science is extremely useful for any business to grow. In recent years, the demand for Data Scientists has grown on a huge scale.

A Data Scientist is a computer expert with skills like collecting and analyzing data. Responsible for presenting a large set of structured and unstructured data. In today’s time, where everything is done on computers, most organizations collect huge amounts of data.

Data Scientists are responsible for maintaining data and building data-related products and software. It is a rising profession, making it a good option to consider after completing your BBA. There are many job roles you can consider.

  1. Data Scientist 

The Role of the Data Scientist is to explore various data patterns and measure their impact on a particular organization. A Data Scientist needs to explain the importance of data to others in a simple method. Data Scientists have statistical knowledge of different programming languages to solve complicated problems. 

  1. Data Analyst

A Data Analyst figures out the recent market trends. A Data Analyst gives a proper insight into understanding the proper place of a company in the market and where it stands. A company gives a particular goal, while a Data Scientist gives the databases required to achieve the goal. The Role may differ as per the requirement of the company.

  1. Business Intelligence Analyst

The Role of a Business Intelligence Analyst is to analyze the data collected to profit the company’s efficiency. In short, to get more profits. It is a more technical role and requires more understanding of proper machines. A Business Intelligence Analyst serves as a bridge between the business and IT.

A career in Digital Marketing  

  1. Digital Marketing 

It is one course that you can pursue after completing your BBA. Digital marketing is also known as Online Marketing. In simple terms, A company launches a product and wishes to sell it. The simple way to do it is to engage more customers, introduce the customers and try to get a good sale. It is one rising industry helping brands and companies connect to their potential clients through digital presence and helps the business create a great impact through the online portal. Digital Marketing is a rising industry with numerous job opportunities for applicants willing to take a job in this field. Companies hugely invest a huge amount in advertising and marketing their products. It is a way to get more customers and retain their old ones with the help of Digital marketing. Digitalization in Marketing techniques has evolved over the years and is still a rapidly increasing field. However, there are some career options in Digital marketing you can consider after completing your BBA degree. Digital Marketing is quite versatile and creative. Some of the job roles in the field include which you can come across are: 

  1. Email Marketing

It is one way of marketing the products and services of a business. Through Email marketing, a company can make its customers aware of its products and services. It is a good way to educate customers about their products and keep them engaged in purchasing your products. 

  1. SEO

SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization, which helps to optimise web pages to make them appear on the high pages of Google and other search Results. In simple terms, the audience or potential customers are more likely to discover your page while searching online. There are other various job roles in the Digital Marketing Career.

A career in Software Development  

Software Development is related to a set of computerised activities. It is needed to create, design, deploy and support software. A career in software development is one profitable career for passionate and interested candidates. It may require a lot more dedication than other job roles. It is highly in demand and has a high placement rate. 

You can get job roles as the following. 

  1. Application Developer

The Primary role of an Application Developer is to write high-quality codes to program compliance to the company standards. The responsibility includes assessing existing codes. Dependent on the thesis of their evaluation, The Developer update and makes all the changes. Some of the skills you need to master to be an Application developer are Programming Skills, Analytical Skills, Problem Solving. And Innovation. 

  1. Front End Developer

Front End Developers are experts in IT. They specialise in website interface design. They are responsible for determining the structure and balancing the functional structure. 

Some Skills required to be a Front End Developer are having a thorough knowledge of Computer Science, HTML, SEO and Creative and collaborative Skills. 

  1. Back End Developer

 Back End Developers are considered the backbone of a software application. They are responsible for the server side of the application. The responsibilities include writing new and fresh code for an application, performing UI testing and debugging the application. One needs to work on key skills like time management, analysis, and JavaScript, which are some of the skills to master being a back-end Developer. Apart from these, there are various other job roles one can pursue. 


BBA management course surely opens many doors for career opportunities in your country and overseas. However, relying on your BBA degree may not give you a job. It is always better to go for higher studies after BBA or enrol for courses that will give you the best job with a good package. Enrolling in a master’s Program or Certification course after BBA is always good for better opportunities after BBA. While doing a master’s helps you gain expertise in one field. 


  1. What are the jobs after BBA, and salary?

It is advisable to follow it up with a certification program or course such as MBA or PGDM or better packages. However, as a BBA graduate, you can expect a package from 4-7lakhs. 

  1. Can BBA students get a job at Google or any product-based company?

You will need experience in other fields and an MBA to land a job at Google or product-based companies. Secondly, you would need coding experience too. However, you can always enroll in their internship programs. 

Course Structure

Choice Based Credit System

Semester Course Code Name of Course Type Marks
1 CC-1 Principles of Management & Organisational Behaviour BBAA102C1 100
1 CC-2 Business Accounting BBAA103C2 100
1 AECC-2 Business Communication/ Communicative English BBAA201AE2 100
2 CC-3 Statistics for Business Decisions BBAA202C3 100
2 CC-4 Managerial Economics BBAA203C4 100
2 GE-2 Business Ethics BBAA204GE2 100
2 AECC-1 Environmental Studies BBAA101AE1 100
3 CC-5 Human Resource Management BBAA301C5 100
3 CC-6 Marketing Management BBAA302C6 100
3 CC-7 Management Accounting BBAA303C7 100
3 SEC-A-1 Information Technology Tools for Business BBAA305SE1 100
3 GE-3 Production and Operations Management BBAA304GE3 100
4 SEC-A-2 STATISTICAL SOFTWARE or E-COMMERCE or Summer Internship BBAA405SE2 100
6 DSE-D-1 or DSE-D-2 or DSE-D-3 or DSE-D-4 Research Project BBAA604DSE1/2/3/4 100


Program Outcome / Course Outcome / Program Specific Outcome


Course Eligibility

A candidate must have obtained 60% marks in aggregate with passed in English having Full Marks not being less than 100 in Class XII.


Please also read General Eligibility Criteria, Under Admissions.

Course Duration

4 Years

Course Hours

10:00 am to 6:00 pm (Day Session, Co-Ed)

Course Fees

₹ (First Semester)

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