B.A (Hons)

Journalism & Mass Communication

Emerge job-ready with our undergraduate programme in Journalism & Mass Communication, which is a well-balanced mix of classroom learning and practical applications. By imparting knowledge of the subject and requisite skills and their application in practice, including in-class assignments, the course equips students with diverse proficiencies in various aspects of mass media and communication.

Course Structure

Choice Based Credit System

Course Code Name of Course Type Semester Marks
CC-1 Introduction to Journalism JORA-CC-1-1-TH+P 1 100
AECC-1 English + MIL 1 100
CC-2 History of Indian Journalism JORA-CC-1-2-TH+TU 1 100
GE-1 Basics of Journalism JORG-CC/GE-1-1 TH+TU 1 100
AECC-2 EVS 2 100
CC-3 Reporting and Editing JORA-CC-2-3-TH+TU 2 100
CC-4 Introduction to Media and Communication JORA-CC-2-4-TH+P 2 100
GE-2 Media Management JORG-CC/GE-2-2 TH+TU 2 100
CC-5 Communication Media + Society JORA-CC-3-5-TH+TU 3 100
CC-6 Media and Cultural Studies JORA-CC-3-6-TH+TU 3 100
GE-3 Advertising / Public Relations JORG-CC/GE-3-3 TH+P 3 100
CC-7 Introduction to Radio JORA-CC-3-7-TH+P 3 100
SEC -A-1 or SEC -A-2 Radio writing & presentation or Photo Journalism JORA-SEC-A-3-1 or JORA-SEC-A-3-2 3 100
CC-8 Media Management + Press Laws JORA-CC-4-8-TH+TU 4 100
CC-9 Introduction to Television JORA-CC-4-9-TH+P 4 100
GE-4 Press Laws and Indian Constitution JORG-CC/GE-4-4 TH+TU 4 100
CC-10 Film Studies JORA-CC-4-10-TH+TU 4 100
SEC-B-1 or SEC-B-2 Documentary Production or Feature Production JORA-SEC-B-4-1 or JORA-SECB-4-2 4 100
CC-11 Introduction to New Media JORA-CC-5-11-TH+P 5 100
CC-12 Development Communication JORA-CC-5-12-TH+TU 5 100
DSE-A-1 or DSE-A-2 Global Media & Politics or Media + Human Rights + Gender and Env. Studies JORA-DSE-A-5-1 or JORA-DSE-A-5-2 5 100
DSE-B-1 or DSE-B-2 Multimedia Journalism or Communication Research and Methods DSE-B-5-1 or DSE-B-5-2 5 100
CC-13 Advertising JORA-CC-6-13-TH+P 6 100
CC-14 Public Relations JORA-CC-6-14-TH+TU 6 100
DSE-A-3 or DSE-A-4 Dissertation with Presentation or Political Communication JORA-DSE-A-6-3 or JORA-DSE-A-6-4 6 100
DSE-B-3 or DSE-B-4 Folk & Community Media or Health & Science Communication JORA-DSE-B-6-3 or JORA-DSE-B-6-4 6 100



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Course Eligibility

A candidate taking up an Honours Course in a subject must have obtained, at the previous qualifying examination, a minimum of:

55% marks in English


45% marks in English + 50% marks in BO4


Please also read General Eligibility Criteria, Under Admissions.

Course Duration

3 Years

Course Hours

10:15 am to 4:30 pm (Day session, Co-ed)

Course Fees

₹ 43,950/- (First Semester)

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