Swayam Committee

Committee Members

It is hereby notified that as per the decision adopted in the Governing Body Meeting on 10th December, 2021, SWAYAM-NPTEL Committee of the College has been constituted to conduct online teaching –learning through this platform from the date of the notification. The Committee includes the following members:

Chairperson: Dr. Subhabrata Gangopadhyay, The Teacher-in-Charge

Single Point of Contact (SPOC): Dr. Pinki Saha Sardar, Vice Principal, Admin

Coordinator: Dr. Arnab Gangopadhyay, Department of Physics
Joint Coordinator: Dr. Utsa Das, Department of Electronics

Team Members

Discipline Specific Coordinators
Sl. No. Section Name of the Faculty Members
1 Science Mr. Sugata Adhya, Dr. Suchandra Chakraborty
2 Arts Dr. Debanjana Chakravarty, Ms. Saswati Das
3 Commerce (Morning) Dr. Dipparna Jana, Mr. Vivek Patwari
4 Commerce (Afternoon and Evening) Ms. Atreyee Ganguly, Dr. Dyuti Sinha
5 Management Section Mr. Mr. Jayjit Chakraborty, Ms. Debarati Guha
1 Science Mr. Utsab Mukherjee
2 Arts Dr. Soumya Bhattacharya
3 Commerce (Morning) Mr. Vivek Patwari
4 Commerce (Afternoon and Evening) Dr. Dyuti Sinha
5 Management Section Mr. Kaushik Banerjee
Team Members
1 Science Dr. Subhasish Das, Ms. Anamika Guha
2 Arts Ms. Jashomati Ghose
3 Commerce (Morning) Mr. Subhasish Dasgupta
4 Commerce (Afternoon and Evening) Ms. Gargi Das Bhattacharyya
5 Management Section Mr. Chiranjib Mitra

Objectives of the Committee

The Swayam Committee of The Bhawanipur Education Society College was formed in 2021. The committee was created to:

  • To encourage students to opt out several professional or certificate courses in SWAYAM (like Graphic design, PYTHON, Tally or other value added course) for advancement their career.
  • To guide the Students to learn domain specific core courses.
  • To encourage students to find internship, Soft skill training in SWAYAM- NPTEL Platform and get certified.
  • To avail simulation practice.
  • To enrol on GATE coaching portal in NPTEL platform.
  • To upload the course materials by the respective Faculty members of concerned topic depending upon EOI (Express of Interest) received through SWAYAM-NPTEL Platform.

Working Scheme

  • To conduct a meeting on the last week of each month to review the progress of the committee and to discuss on the steps to be followed.
  • To notify all the Departments of a section to intimate the students as per the course announced in the SWAYAM –NPTEL platform.
  • To report SPOC two month alternately about the progress of the work.