Library Committee

Committee Members

It is hereby notified that as per the resolution adopted in the Governing Body Meeting of 19th December, 2021, The Library Committee of the college has been reconstituted with effect from the date of notification till further notice. It includes the following members:

Chairperson – Dr. Subhabrata Gangopadhyay (ex-officio)
Vice Chairperson – Ms. Debjani Ganguly

Name of Members Designation Responsibility
1. Ms. Piu Chatterjee
2. Ms. Atreyee Ganguly
Coordinators 1. Convene meetings regularly.
2. Ensure maintenance of updated minutes and circulation of action taken report on a monthly basis and get it signed by the Head of the Institution.
3. Submit monthly reports to the IQAC.
4. Consider proposals for Library development.
1. Mr. Chittojit Bhattacharya
2. Mr. Anirban Sarkar
Members All aspects of the functioning and development of the library.
1. Ms. Neetisha Jha (English)
2. Mr. Soumyajit Chandra (English)
3. Ms. Priyam Basu Thakur (JMC)
4. Dr. Dona Ganguly (Political Science)
5. Dr. Soumya Bhattacharjee (Bengali)
6. Ms. Paromita Chakrabarty (History)
7. Ms. Vidisha Roy (Psychology)
8. Dr. Uttiya Chattopadhyay (Geography)
9. Mr. Diptava Sarkar (Sociology)
10. Mr. Arup Ratan Samajdar (Film Studies)
11. Dr. Rekha Nariwal (Education)
12. Dr. Abha Jha (Hindi)
13.Ms. Soumyi Chowdhury (Mathematics)
14. Dr. Saugata Konar (Chemistry)
15. Dr. Abir Bhattacharya (Physics)
16. Mr. Debarup Roy (Electronics)
17. Ms. Utsab Mukherjee (Computer Science)
18. Ms. Pushpita Gangopadhyay (Statistics)
19. Mr. Sayan Roy (B. Com)
20. Ms. Swapna Saha (B. Com.)
21. Mr. Jayjit Chakraborty (BBA)
22. Ms. Dipannita Chatterjee (M. Com)
Teacher Members Apart from providing support and suggestions to the committee, each teacher member should devote at least 2 hrs a week in the library to ensure the proper sorting of books related to their respective subjects.

Objective of the Committee

The Library Committee of The Bhawanipur Education Society College was formed in 2013. The Committee was created to-

  • Play an active role in formulating general policies and regulations which govern the functions of the library. 
  • Work towards an efficient use of library resources and formulate regulations regarding access, usage and borrowing of the contents.
  • Strive for modernization, improvement and smooth functioning of the library. 
  • Recommend the names of the books/journals to be acquired by the Library. (The members of the Committee represent different departments and play an active role in formulating and updating the book lists in accordance to the University syllabus.).
  • Advice regarding general library development.
  • Encourage suggestions regarding the organization of relevant activities/programs pertaining to the library.
  • To undertake a review its own performance and effectiveness from time to time.

Achievements of the Committee in 2019-20

The focus of the Library Committee during 2019-20 was to increase circulation of reference and text books as well as the e-resources; to revamp the rules regarding the issuance of books with more emphasis on discipline and regularity; to constitute a Purchasing Committee and to make an attempt to focus on the maintenance of the library.

During the session 2019-2020, the Library Committee could also engage in and implement the following:

  1. The Online Presence- Based on the suggestion made by the committee, a library website was created providing the students, teachers and all other members of the institution online access to information, resources and services of the library. Apart from providing information regarding the basic services and facilities of the library, the website gives an easy access to e-resources (for example, JSTOR, the online resources of British Council et al). The website also features an Institutional Repository (IR), an online locus of archives in digital form, formally organized and segregated by degree programs. Each program repository contains program syllabi, rare books and journals, question papers, special lectures et al. OPAC (Online Public Access Catalogue) has also been made accessible to the members of the institution. Notices and information regarding new arrivals, requisition list and events are also available on the website.
  2. Library Brochure- The Library Brochure was prepared with the aim to acquaint the students (especially those enrolled in the new academic session) with the facilities, services, timing, general rules and collection of the college library also known as ‘The Knowledge Resource Centre’.  The brochure was initially circulated digitally among the students and was used as an effective way to establish the prominence of the college library as a repository of knowledge. Hard copies of the brochure are also made available to guests and visitors.
  3. Library Internship Programme- The second edition of the Library Internship Programme was organized in the 2019-20 session. The Programme had been introduced in 2018 in order to maximize the use of the college library and to inculcate a culture of valuing and appreciating books amongst the students. The motive of the programme was also to promote the ‘Earn while you Learn’ scheme which allows students to gain work experience, hands-on training and a sum of money while studying. For the second edition of the programme, a notice inviting applications for internship was issued by the Library Committee and circulated to all the departments in the College. The applications received were screened with reference to the students’ attendance in College and use of the library. The shortlisted students were called for an interview by the members of the Library Committee. On the basis of the interview, 12 students were selected for the Internship Programme. The internship of the students commenced on 11th November 2019.  They were paid by the College for their service at the library. The hours of internship were restricted to two hours per day, for a maximum of ten days, keeping in mind the immediate academic interests of students.
  4. NDLI sub-committee- The Library Committee formed an NDLI sub-committee. The sub-committee constitutes five teacher members of the Library Committee.  MHRD has initiated the NDLI project to develop a framework of virtual repository of learning resources with a single-window search facility. It has been designed to benefit all kinds of users like students (of all levels), teachers, researchers, librarians and lifelong learners. The library sub-committee members’ primary aim was to recommend the platform to the students and encourage them to register as users in the NDLI portal and they were considerably successful in doing so.
  5. In the wake of the global pandemic, measures have been taken to make resources more accessible to the members of the library. Off-campus access to JSTOR and CAPITALINE has been made available to the students and teachers. User ID and password is provided on request. A request regarding this can be made by sending an email to the library e-mail address. Fifty E-books were purchased from Pearson and made available to the students of the Commerce section.

Future Plans

  • Purchasing  more E-books (text books and reference books) for each Department as per the University recommendations
  • Exploring the possibilities of mutual sharing of resources with other libraries
  • Organizing  webinars/ workshop
  • Uploading the available recordings of the online events/webinars organised by the various departments of the college on the library website.
  • Installation of SPSS/ Stata software
  • Installation of a coffee-vending machine in the library as proposed by the Rector Dr. Dan 

Committee Meetings

Number of Meetings Held (July 2019-June 2020): Four (4)

Dates: 08.07.2019, 05.08.2019, 23.09.2019, 09.11.2019

Minutes of the Meeting: Maintained

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