Canteen Committee

Date: 14th September, 2018


It is hereby notified that as per the resolution adopted in the Governing Body Meeting of September 13, 2018, Canteen Squad of the college has been formed.

The canteen squad will be responsible for surprise checks at the canteen to monitor the hygiene standards, which include ensuring that:

  1. Vending zones are pest-free.
  2. Refrigerators and freezers are clean.
  3. Utensils are washed hygienically.
  4. Food is stored hygienically.
  5. Waste is disposed hygienically.
  6. Uniforms of staff members are clean.
  7. Food handlers are washing hands regularly.
  8. Food handlers use waterproof bandages for cuts
  9. Clean and separate wipes are used for surfaces and utensils.
  10. Posters related to food hygiene are designed and put up in the canteen.
  11. Overall cleanliness of the canteen.
  12. Carrying out questionnaire-based surveys covering points related to storage, personal hygiene, frequency of cleaning, etc. within two days of the notification by this squad.
  13. Filing a compiled report and suggestions, every quarter (September, December, March, June) and submitting it to the IQAC. This should be based on their observations as well as student satisfaction.


Squad Members

  1. Ms Dipparna Jana (squad leader)
  2. Ms Ipsita Chatterjee
  3. Ms Neetisha Jha
  4. Dr Urmi Mukherjee
  5. The squad may involve a few students if they think it is necessary.
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